our story

Every antique has a story and so does Cellar Door Antiques. The Cellar Door was born from a love of the past. To us, the items in our store represent a simpler time when everyone wasn't in a hurry and things were built to last. A time before selfies and hashtags, where sitting on a front porch listening to the radio and drinking a cold glass of sweet tea was the only thing you had to do.

After becoming the owner of three separate buildings full of antiques, the decision was made to move everything into one location and open under the name Cellar Door Antiques. The name was chosen because "cellar door" is said to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language and seemed fitting for the type of pieces we wanted to carry. We want everyone to feel like our store is a place where you can truly find your treasure.


Don Hendricks, Manager

Don is a huge part of The Cellar Door's charm. His willingness to help and quick wit will give you another reason to visit again.


Joy Parker, Owner

Joy Parker is the Owner of The Cellar Door and works tirelessly to provide the best customer experience. When not at the store, she enjoys spending time with her family.